Can’t gain weight or gaining weight often? Here’s why

Most of us would have wondered how a person could eat almost anything and still weigh the same? or wondered how a person could gain weight so effortlessly even by consuming so little food? And those two people would be awed by the weight gaining and losing capability of each other.

That was never a secret. It’s the body type or Somatotype – The concept theorized by Dr. W.h. Sheldon back in early 1940 based on the body compositions that humans possess. According to his theory, the human body can be of three body types:

  1. Endomorph
  2. Mesomorph
  3. Ectomorph

1. Endomorph

People who possess this body type tend to gain weight easily and find it a little hard to get in shape as the fat concentrated to their lower body with comparatively narrow shoulders.  

Also, the digestive viscera – The group of organs that help in digestion including the stomach, the small and large intestine, the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas, will be widened.

These dominate the whole shape of the body, make the body look in a pear shape.

Also, these people tend to have a more relaxed, comfortable, and extroverted personality.

2. Mesomorph

People who possess a mesomorph body type will have more muscle and less fat when compared to the Endomorph type. They even have tougher bones and muscles connecting tissues and muscular hands and legs.

These make their body look like a big rectangle as a whole which would be easier to shape themselves due to their low-fat percentage.

Also, these people are more likely to have an active, dynamic, assertive, and aggressive personality.

3. Ectomorph

Their body would have thin muscles and little body fat. They will find it challenging to gain body weight when compared with the other two body types, and due to their faster metabolism, they don’t have to worry about the fat gains no matter what they eat.

Muscles will be of short length for their bones, making them look muscular with relatively smaller muscle mass.

Also, these people are more likely to have introverted, thoughtful, inhibited, and sensitive personality.

Note: If you suddenly fall under this category, it is recommended to consult a doctor as it could also be an eating disorder.

Identify your body type

Everyone has different types of bodies, so set aside how you feel about your appearance and be honest with yourself.

Step1: Start with your physique. Are you tall, average, or short? Are you lean, round, or plump?

Step 2: Think about how your body responds to food exercise. Do you gain weight easily? Do you have trouble gaining build muscle?

Step 3: Check the overall shape of your body and hands and legs.

If you have almost no body fat, a thin frame, and long slender hands and legs, then your body type is  Ectomorph.

If you have a proportionate figure with balanced muscle and fat, your body type is Mesomorph.

If you have a stocky frame and comparatively big, powerful legs, your body type is  Endomorph. 

To improve your body composition

Your body is composed of fat mass and fat-free mass. You can improve your body shape towards your desired form by decreasing body fat, increasing muscle, or both.

Any of these changes will decrease your body fat percentage(if it is already more than needed). We all know that diet and exercise affect body weight and body composition. However, their impact on body composition will vary for every individual based on their diet history and lifestyle. Regardless of your body type, you can transform your body into your desired form with the right workouts and diet, and the same applies to your personality. So, why stress out on your body type when you can change it just by yourself?