Can’t get rid of your (side belly)? Try this

reduce belly fat

Love handle is just another common name for the excess fat that sits at the perimeters of the waist and hangs over the top of pants. It is also referred to as a muffin top, these fats may be a challenge to lose.

Being at home and spending most of the time sitting and working might lead to more fat deposition on them. In order to melt your love handles and get a sculpted waistline, some workouts are available even on the internet.

1. Maintain a balanced diet

A balanced diet is a structured diet plan that consists of different ingredients in positive portions and proportions to satisfy our body’s requirement for calories, proteins, minerals, nutrients, and alternative nutrients.

Similarly, if you’re planning on going for a weight loss program, it is essential to make sure your diet also includes bioactive phytochemicals like nutritional fiber, antioxidants, and nutraceuticals that also have their health benefits.

2. Enormous Fruits and Vegetables

Eating a humongous amount of fruits and vegetables is the most important thing that you can have to lose love handles (next to working out).

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is a great way to reduce your belly fat storage.

As we all know, fruits and vegetables contain numerous vitamins and nutrients which your body needs to stay healthy. Also, they contain high water and fiber content, and low in calories.

3. Push away processed foods and junk food

Most junk or processed foods are high in calories, contain unhealthy fat, inessential sugar, and may be produced in an unhygienic environment. That’s a mouthful of reasons to avoid junk foods.

Also, you’re missing healthy vitamins and nutrients whenever you replace healthy food with junk or processed foods.

By minimizing the intake of these foods you will lose overall weight and lose unwanted fat which is a part of meaning for leading a healthy lifestyle.

4. Water your Love handles to melt

We usually regulate our body fluid losses like sweating and urinating which has a subtle role in weight loss overall and in reducing love handles, basically through the intake of water. But, adding other healthy fluids like fruit juice, fruit infused water would make the process much better as it contains the goodness of fruits to it.

For some people, whose life comparatively has less physical work, requires fewer than eight glasses a day. But, the rest of the people whose lifestyle includes more physical activity might need more fluids to cover the fluid loss.

Never forget that It’s important to drink water before, during, and after a workout.

5. Track Your Food Intake

To reduce your love handles through diet, it comes down to track what you eat, to keep a record of what and how much you’re ingesting. This will show you whether or not you’re on the right track or not.  

Moreover, it enables you to be aware of what you’re consuming which will directly take out junk from your diet.

So, start with a simple glance at your food’s information and compare it with your previous week’s performance for better analysis.

The Verdict

Just like every other thing in life, the process starts only when you quit thinking about whether to start or not and dive directly into doing the process. So that, you’ll learn them better in your process and yes, initially there could be slow progress. But, there will definitely be progress to be happy about.

Of course, we will eventually post an exclusive blog on that as well. But, we just don’t want you to wait for us.So,  no matter at what time you’re reading this blog. If you have love handles, Start your process Now!