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Looking for a Personalised
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Online Diet Consultation at Evolutions

Evolutions offering Online Diet Consultation to ones who want to lead a healthy life and to recover from recent illness through diet. Our consultation includes both an online weight gain and weight loss diet plan based on your preference. Our online nutritionist or certified dietitians will help you get through the pandemic healthily.

Weight management is essential to keep your weight on track. It is important to stay healthy and stay away from diseases. It is required to stay productive at work, keep your confidence & energy levels high. Our Dietitian helps you with the best diet plan analysing your health to maintain your weight in a healthy manner.


Diet Consultation

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84 Days
For Weight gain & Weight Loss

Other than just tips,  what will you gain?

Weight Management

Based on your BMI results, we train you through workouts that makes you fit either by losing or gaining muscles.


Based on your preference, your strength or mobility will be steadily boosted for better stamina through our flexible training.


Ultra-focused One on one or fun-filled group fitness classes? You decide the style that would match best with you.

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Take care of your body while working out

What do we do in the  Weight Loss Diet Plan?

We will get your diet and health information from you. Based on that,  we will design a diet plan exclusively for you and refine it over the course of time, with respect to how your body reacts to our initial diet plan. 
Week 1: Retrieving your diet and health information. Then designing your diet plan. 
Week 2: Getting the feedback of your body to our initial diet plan. 
Week 3: Reconstructing your diet plan for efficient results. 

About Our  Xpert Nutritionist


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See What Our Client Say About Us

A great place for workout and Gym is located at a good place and is very spacious.high quality equipments and nice maintenance.All trainers are qualified and very supportive. IF u want weight loss and building muscle...trainer MR.SIVA he is very good trainer and very supportive,helps us to do our best. everyday he give us motivation to do workout 👍💪.
10/10 would recommend this . 🤟🏽

Amjath Khan
our client

One of the best gym in Coimbatore having international equipments, trainers are sociable, attractive ambience Give a try, you won't regret 👍🏻

Shibi Raj
our client

Best gym in Saibaba colony.Trainers are very friendly and I saw changes in 15 days ,they have Discounts for 3 months - 5 years and it’s worth paying here..They have medical checkup 3 months once and according to that they will give a diet chart and they have some interesting trekkings 4 months once and the gym is located in main road which is very safe for working women

Kritika Selvaraj
our client

I've transformed very quickly. The trainers here have a good knowledge about muscle gaining and shredding. They assist me in every exercise i do. Carefully set my meal. Check my status every month. They have very good and WELL MAINTAINED EQUIPMENTS. Airconditioned gym so as to avoid quick fatigue. Hygenic gym - nowadays its very hard to find such gym. Moreover they used to organize trek once in two months and many outdoor activities. I think no gym ( to my knowledge) organize such activities. Finally, " I JUST FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS GYM! "

Chibi Rithan
our client

Very good..well maintained equipment..very professional trainers..good for men and women..

Sivakumar Rokkaraj
our client

One of the best gym in coimbatore.The workout environment is one of the best.My Trainer(Vimal) Motivates and also ensures the safety.It also feels like a friend like environment.

our client

It's a very good experience in evolutions. The trainer's are very friendly. Assured weight loss and proper diet plan. Feeling good here. I lost 10 kgs nearly in 3 months. Thank you Hari bro.

Monica Parameswaran
our client

Evolutions fitness club is one of the best gym in coimbatore... Ambience is too good, Trainer Shiva giving an excellent training sessions everyday, He motivates me a lot..I have selected a right place for my healthy future

Kousalya Thirukumaran
our client

I love the atmosphere and ambience. They motivates me very well to do more. Trainer are very friendly, professional, proper guidance are given and they motivate u too push harder to reach your goals...I was 61 when I started my workouts here at evolutions and within 8 weeks of proper training and nutritional diet I gained 9 kgs and am 70 now... looking ahead to gain 5 kgs more ... really feeling happy and self motivated to see the transformation of myself.. 💪💪💪💪 best gym in Coimbatore. I highly recommend to those who really wanna sculpt their body....kudos to Team Evolutions fitness club 👍

Mahenthran Photography
our client

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